“Among the other favors which we have received and do daily receive from our Benefactor, the Father of Mercies, for which we ought to return the more thanks to that glorious Father, outstanding is our vocation, for which all the more, by way of its being more perfect and greater, do we owe the greatest thanks to Him.” – St. Clare

Mary, our model of femininity

A religious vocation is a gift from God and the work of the Holy Spirit. In keeping with the mind of Saint Clare we do not ask dowries of our candidates. We look above all for the endowment of the candidate’s belief that she is called to center her whole life on God, and that she has the requisite maturity, intelligence and health to respond totally to this vocation. We accept applicants between 18 and 35 years of age with hearts steadfast and generous enough to enfold the whole world in love of God and neighbor.

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